Payroll Record Retention

August 25, 2022
01:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT
60 Mins
Debbie Cash

Payroll is one thing that all businesses have in common.  Along with processing payroll comes many different payroll records required to process the payroll.  Each type of record has different requirements of how long you must retain those records.

Payroll departments receive and submit hundreds of thousands of bits of data every year. Employee master file data such as name and social security number, employee forms such the Form W-4, report to the IRS such as Form 941, state unemployment insurance quarterly returns, termination dates for employees, and even child support withholding orders.

A critical question that every payroll professional must ask and more importantly answer is “What am I required to keep, in what format, and for how long”?
The time over which payroll records must be retained will depend upon government requirements. The Internal Revenue Service typically states a required retention period in each document it issues dealing with payroll issues. In general, wage calculations should be retained for two years, while collective bargaining agreements should be retained for three years.

Webinar Agenda
  • Types of Payroll Documents
    • 941 & 940 Tax Forms
    • W-2’s-Original and Undeliverable W-2’s
    • Timesheets and Piecework
    • Schedules
    • Records for Additions/Deductions from Wages
    • Wage Tables, Collective Bargaining Agreements
    • State Taxes
    • Local Taxes
  • Retention of Documents
    • All IRS Tax Returns and W-2’s
    • Time Records
    • Payroll records, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Sales/Purchasing Records
    • State and Local Tax Returns
  • Specific State Laws
    • New York
    • California
    • Illinois
    • Washington
Webinar Highlights
  • To discuss the types of payroll records that must be retained.
  • To analyze the requirements for each type of payroll record. 
  • To inspect for how long payroll records must be kept.
  • To different State requirements for record retention.
  • To discuss information and guidelines by specific states with different requirements.
Who Should Attend

Payroll Tax Professionals, Bookkeepers, Small Business Owners, CPA’s, Tax Preparers, Managers


Debbie Cash

Debbie Cash

Debbie Cash, CPP is a Business Analyst-Implementation at G&A Partners. She was formerly a Payroll Tax/Time and Attendance Specialist at Employer Advantage LLC. Debbie earned an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from MSSU in 1985 and a Bachelor’s Degree in General Business from MSSU in 2006. She obtained her Certified Payroll Professional Certification in October 2006. She has 30+ years of experience processing payroll and payroll taxes for various different companies and professions. Debbie worked as a Payroll Specialist at Missouri Southern State University from 1993 to March 2006. She attended the International Tax Conference in Wisconsin in 2005 and specialized...
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