No Surprises Act of 2022-Do you know what this means for your practice?

May 11, 2022
60 Mins
Stephanie Thomas

Are you wondering how the No Surprises Act means for your business? You are not alone. There are many questions and not many answers to common questions about this new law. Our industry expert will break down the details of components of the legislation and how it affects types of providers and/or facilities. While there may be a lot of negative attention on the topic, we will show you some key points of positive changes and how this can improve processes and even improve revenue. From Emergency care to non emergent care, we plan to cover it all. Specific real world scenarios will be given to assist the understanding of how to apply these regulations. “Good faith estimates” will be covered in depth, as this is one of the most misunderstood aspects of this Law. New information and trends are being released daily; we will share the most up to date information to be sure you are fully compliant.

Webinar Objectives
  • Understand limitations on billing
  • Notice and Disclosure Obligations
  • Changes to workflow
  • Dispute Resolution for low reimbursement or denial
  • Good Faith Estimates and balance billing
  • State laws, how these affect us
  • Make sure you are compliant with all aspects to avoid fines
Webinar Agenda

Breakdown of each section of the legislation and how it affects provider/facilities. Examples of cost estimates and tips for obtaining OON benefits for patients. Verbiage and recommendations for updating your financial policies to remain compliant. Deep dive into patient billing and what this law means, so you can feel confident when asked. And so much more!

Webinar Highlights
  • Policies and Disclosures to stay compliant
  • Tips on patient communication
  • How this affects your specific provider type, practice or facility
  • Understanding new payer Out of Network plans
  • Dispute resolution and appeals
  • Good Faith Estimates and recommendations for increasing % of collections from patients
Who Should Attend

Emergency and non emergency care providers/facilities that bill any out of network claims. Also, any practice that wants to know more about how to protect themselves with financial agreements and tips to stay compliant.

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie has worked in the medical, billing and coding industry for nearly 20 years. It is truly her passion. Stephanie works closely with small and large private practices to audit and collaboratively improve their revenue stream. She prides herself in her dedication to her clients and has built a team of incredible billers and coders to support her mission of assisting practices and Physicians across the country with proper coding and aggressive billing practices while being compliant. Stephanie also has extensive knowledge in physician practice processes, front desk, back office, and clinical. This knowledge allows her to be an invaluable asset for all things clinical operations,...
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