Executive Entrances and Exits

November 09, 2021
60 Mins
William J. Rothwell, Ph.D.

Executive entrances and exits can be disruptive and rife with potential for conflict. When a new leader arrives for any organization, division, department, or team, it can prompt people to question what it means for them and for their present efforts. New leaders also face special challenges in getting up to speed fast—but avoiding the mistakes of changing things too quickly when they lack the deep knowledge that comes from understand why past decisions were made as they were. When executives leave organizations, their departures can prompt people to grieve, celebrate, or react in other ways. How can executives arrive and depart in ways that preserve productivity while prompting constructive re-examinations? Join this webinar which will address this question.

Webinar Objectives
  • Problem: How should new executives be onboarded?
  • Solution: Manage the onboarding, planning it to be most effective. In this session, hear how to do that.
  • Problem: How can the turnover of talented people be minimized upon the exit or entrance of executives?
  • Solution: Establish rapport and direction quickly. Hear how in this session.
  • Problem: What are the risks if executive entrances and exits are managed poorly?
  • Solution: Hear how to avoid the risks in this session. 
Webinar Agenda
  • Introduction
  • Executive entrances: How to manage them effectively and avoid the risks
  • Executive exits: How to manage them effectively and avoid the risks
  • Summary and Final Q & A
Webinar Highlights
  • Why are executive entrances and exits important—and growing more important?
  • What are the risks of executive entrances, and how are those risks managed?
  • What are the risks of executive exits, and how are those risks managed?
  • How can organizations manage transitions effectively, and what are some options to do that?
  • What are some trends in transition management, and what do they mean for you and your organization?
Who Should Attend
  • Managers
  • HR managers 
  • Professionals
William J. Rothwell, Ph.D.

William J. Rothwell, Ph.D.

William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPLP Fellow is a Professor in the Masters of Professional Studies in Organization Development and Change program and also in the Ph.D. program of Workforce Education and Development at The Pennsylvania State University. He is also President of his own consulting firm, Rothwell & Associates, and has authored, co-authored, edited, or coedited 127 books since 1987. His recent books since 2017 include Organization Development (OD) Interventions: Executing Effective Organizational Change (Routledge, 2021); Virtual Group Coaching: Process Consultation Reimagined (Routledge, 2021); The Essential HR Guide for Small Business and Start-Ups (Society for...
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