Complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

April 26, 2022
60 Mins
Dr. Robert K. Minniti

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) became law in 1977 and limited what businesses could, and could not, do when collecting debts from consumers. The statute's stated purposes are: to eliminate abusive practices in the collection of consumer debts, to promote fair debt collection, and to provide consumers with an avenue for disputing and obtaining validation of debt information in order to ensure the information's accuracy. The act specifically outlawed certain abusive debt collection practices. Business risk both civil and criminal penalties when employees violate the provisions of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Additionally, debtors could have their debt eliminated by a court, if they can prove the creditor deliberately disregarded the law while collecting a debt.
With the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and other economic issues, businesses face increasing issues when collecting debts from consumers. This webinar is designed to familiarize participants with the debt collections process. This webinar will outline the collections process including the use of collection agencies and attorneys to collect debts. Participants will be introduced to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.
Our expert speaker Dr. Robert will also discuss how to deal with debtors who file bankruptcy. Issues surrounding repossessions and foreclosures will also be covered. Additionally, what internal controls for compliance should a business consider having in place for the collection process.


Webinar Objectives

This webinar is designed to help the participants recognize the legal, professional and ethical responsibilities they have when collecting debts or supervising third-party debt collectors. Upon completing the program participants will be better equipped to identify their responsibilities pertaining to debt collection. Participants will also be able to identify appropriate internal controls for the debt collection process.

Webinar Agenda

All businesses, governments, and not-for-profits, have debts they need to collect. When those debts involve consumers, the businesses, governments, and not-for-profits, must ensure their employees, vendors, and contractors obey the law and act in a professional and ethical manor when collecting debts.

Webinar Highlights
  • Identify the requirements of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
  • Identify best practices for collecting debts.
  • Identify internal controls for collections
  • Identify common reasons consumers cannot pay debts
  • Identify how to deal with disputed debts
Who Should Attend

CPAs, CFEs, CFFs, MAFFs, CIAs, CMAs, CFOs, CEOs, business owners, business managers, internal auditors, external auditors, corporate accountants, government accountants, collections professionals, and risk management personnel.

Dr. Robert K. Minniti

Dr. Robert K. Minniti

Dr. Minniti is the President and Owner of Minniti CPA, LLC. Dr. Minniti is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Forensic Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Valuation Analyst, Certified in Financial Forensics, Master Analyst in Financial Forensics, Chartered Global Management Accountant, and is a licensed private investigator in the state of Arizona. Dr. Minniti received his doctoral degree in business administration from Walden University, received his MBA degree and Graduate Certificate in Accounting from DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management, and received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix. Dr....
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