CPT Coding Updates for 2022

December 02, 2021
60 Mins
Jill M. Young

Learn about all New, Revised and Deleted Codes for 2022

Each year the American Medical Association (AMA) releases revisions and additions to the CPT codes.  For 2022 there are over 400 editorial changes, 40% of which are tied to new technology services, Category III services, and the proprietary lab analysis section of codes that continues to expand. This session will cover a formal listing of the release of COVID-19 vaccination codes released throughout 2021 and new codes in 2022.  This includes both codes for the vaccine serum and codes for administration.  This includes codes for vaccines for 5–11-year-olds. 

Join this webinar by our expert speaker Jill M Young to understand the new codes to report therapeutic remote monitoring and how they relate to remote psychologic monitoring and also a new code section on Principal Care Management, a concept allowing for physician reporting of care management services in particular instances           

Webinar Agenda
  • Presentation of each of the new codes and information released by the AMA on each new or revised CPT codes on what the indications are for use of the code
  • Changes and additions for Category III including when to use these codes
  • Any other updates presented by the AMA at their annual Symposium Event
Webinar Highlights

New and Revised Codes in the following sections of CPT:

  • Digital Medicine
  • Vaccines and Immunization Administration
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Neurosurgery/Spine Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology
Who Should Attend
  • Coders
  • Billers
  • Office Managers
Jill M. Young

Jill M. Young

Jill M Young is the Principal of Young Medical Consulting, LLC. A company founded 18 years ago to meet the education and compliance needs of physicians and their staff Jill has over 40 years of medical experience working in all areas of the medical practice including clinical, billing and rounding with physicians. Her unique style of working with physicians is not only effective but helps bridge the gap between coders and physicians from a practical perspective. Her comments and opinions can be seen in several publications and also heard on a variety of audio-conferences. Her background gives her a unique style of teaching using real life examples of coding and billing situations. She hates...
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