Conduct A Charge Audit To Increase Revenue Opportunities

July 22, 2022
01:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT
60 Mins
Dorothy Steed

A major component of successful revenue management is accurate charging for services provided. Charges must be identified, posted timely and completely. Hospital charge capture is typically handled by the department that provided the service. Professional charges may be posted by the provider. In either case, the function may be a low administrative priority with little to limited training for charging activities. Coordination between departments may not be established. Accountability for correct charging may be minimal. There may be no formal policies or baseline controls for correct charge capture. Different systems may be used for charging and reconciliation. An effective charge audit can identify lost revenue opportunities. Join this webinar by our expert speaker who will guide on how to conduct a charge audit to increase revenue

Webinar Objectives

Why Errors Occur

  • Multiple departments entering charges
  • Charge master may be incorrect or incomplete
  • Error in number of units selected
  • Error in item selection
  • Inactive charge
  • New service not added
  • Incorrect revenue code/cost center
  • System conversions
  • Overreliance on claims scrubber
Webinar Highlights

Charging Errors Cause:

  • Creates patient dissatisfaction
  • Creates extra work
  • Delays reimbursement
  • Causes incorrect reimbursement
  • Common areas of error
  • A look at certain problematic departments
  • How strong is your billing staff?
  • Reducing the error rate
  • Is your chargemaster the culprit?
  • Ambiguous documentation
Who Should Attend
  • Physicians
  • Practice managers
  • Medical assistants
  • Nurses
  • Compliance staff
  • Billers
  • Coders
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Risk Management
Dorothy Steed

Dorothy Steed

Dorothy Steed is an Independent Healthcare Consultant and Educator in Atlanta. She was a Medicare specialist for a large hospital system and a physician audit supervisor for another hospital system, with 44 years of experience in healthcare. Additionally, she is an instructor at a state technical college in Atlanta, provides auditing & training in both facility and physician services, and has been a speaker at several healthcare conferences.  Ms. Steed has written articles for several medical publishers and served as a contributing author for medical billing and coding training material. She writes online courses, provides webinars, and has served as a participator in multiple...
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