Are you maximizing your revenue during the pandemic?

October 13, 2021
01:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT
60 Mins
Stephanie Thomas

All practices and groups are struggling through the pandemic, one way or another. From losing the ability to perform elective procedures and revenue to being extremely overloaded with patients and billing. Our speaker has seen it all. In this webinar, we will show you the ways to ensure you have solid policies and protocols within your office/staff to deal with any situation. We will share training tips, incentives, and more. 

Alongside protocols, we will also review the billing cycle and what things you can control while your practice may seem in chaos. Reporting is one of those things. Reports can be of great assistance to show you things you can improve, money pending and perhaps otherwise "left on the table". We will give 5 top tips to improve your revenue and keep it flowing for years to come.

Webinar Objectives
  • Poor policies: Improved policies and procedures, how to create and implement
  • Software issues: Focus on what you can control and make the best of that
  • Lost revenue: Reporting options to catch lost or missing revenue
  • Overwhelmed with billing: Solutions for organization and timely filing
  • Staff burnout: Incentives, training tips
  • Denials: Understanding what payers want
Webinar Highlights
  • Reports to watch, daily/weekly/monthly
  • Standard "Best Practice" front desk and billing staff Protocols
  • Denial Management
  • Incentive tips for staff burnout
  • Software roadblocks and how to work around them
  • Ways to supplement income
Who Should Attend
  • Medical office staff
  • Administrators
  • Office managers
  • Pre authorization staff
  • Billing staff
  • Billing managers
  • Front desk staff
  • Medical assistants
  • CNA’s
Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie has worked in the medical, billing and coding industry for nearly 20 years. It is truly her passion. Stephanie works closely with small and large private practices to audit and collaboratively improve their revenue stream. She prides herself in her dedication to her clients and has built a team of incredible billers and coders to support her mission of assisting practices and Physicians across the country with proper coding and aggressive billing practices while being compliant. Stephanie also has extensive knowledge in physician practice processes, front desk, back office, and clinical. This knowledge allows her to be an invaluable asset for all things clinical operations,...
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